Research areas

Our laboratory conducts researches of processing technology, machine tool, and medical application. Specifically, it covers three fields of (1) production processing / machine tool (2) laser processing (3) medical application.

(1) Cutting, Machine tools

We are researching high precision and high efficiency processing technology for difficult-to-cut materials. We are developing a machining center composed of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. We have already developed a simultaneous 5-axis machining center, and are currently evaluating its operating characteristics. We are also beginning to develop new machining centers.

(2) Laser processing

We are working on microfabrication of glass using ultrashort pulse laser. We observe machining phenomena in picosecond order using a method called Pump-Probe method, and propose a new machining method based on that knowledge. Furthermore, by analyzing phenomena in biological tissue processing at the micro and nano level, we are conducting research on biocompatible machining for bone cutting.

(3) Medical application

We are developing a method for designing artificial knee joints for individual patients. FEM simulation and muscle model are used to predict the behavior of the artificial knee joint after surgery. Based on the results of the simulation, we also propose a new design of a implant.


2018.6.18 Mr. Uchida(B4) was awarded from Foundation of Machine Tools Technology
2018.3.20 Mr. Ito (D3) was awarded from Foundation of Yamazaki MAZAK
2018.3.16 Mr. Uchida (B4) was awarded from Japan Society of Precision Engineering
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